The arrival of the Praga R1 means the word ‘compromise’ can now be removed from motor racing. Super fast and a born winner. Reliable. A surprisingly ‘affordable’ purchase price and low running costs. Full carbon monocoque. Extremely high passive safety and predictable road handling.

In two steps to Le Mans? Or maximum enjoyment during track days or club races? The answer: Praga R1.

Every racing driver should have the opportunity to drive a Praga R1.

Talented drivers, en route to Le Mans, learn how to handle this new racing technique and high speeds. The Praga R1’s impressive downforce, tuning options and super-fast lap times make it the ideal vehicle in which to master your skills.

The Praga R1 is the ultimate racing car for any racing enthusiast. It has a beautiful outline, it’s breathtakingly fast and has predictable road handling. The running costs are similar to those of other racing cars in its category. Extremely high level of passive safety.

Thus far the theory. Now: Try Me. After three laps you’ll have forgotten that you ever drove another racing car.



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